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    Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day Whether You’re in Love or Just in Love with Yourself 

    Awe, love. What a beautiful thing. And even better is that we have a whole entire day every year to celebrate this beautiful thing called love.  It happens every February, usually around mid-month. Any guesses? Yes, Valentines Day.  Not all of us are as lucky to have a significant other on the most romantic day of the year, however. That’s o.k. It is perfectly fine to love yourself. In fact, we recommend doing just that before you go hopping into a relationship. Below are some ideas of how you can spend your Valentines Day whether it be with the one you love, or yourself, your greatest love of all.

    If you are in a relationship

    Recreate Your First Date: Or just a memorable moment in your relationship. It will get you reminiscing about that wonderful time and make you realize just how far you have come. It will also make you more grateful for your significant other and all the things that he has done trying to woe you and rope you in.

    Party of Two: Have a candlelit dinner at home for just the two of you. Think up a great meal that both of you enjoy. Go to the store for all the ingredients and come home and cook it together. There is just something so special, sexy, and romantic about cooking with the one you love. For dessert, splurge for a chocolate fountain with cut up fruit and pound cake. Then watch a romantic movie together. You may not get to the movie though if the chocolate fountain gets a little out of hand (wink, wink).

    Go On a Romantic Getaway: Is there a place that the two of you have always wanted to go together? Or maybe one you love to frequent? Pack your bags and spend time indulging in just the two of you. If money is tight, splurge for a night out in the neighborhood hotel. The change in scenery will do wonders for your relationship.

    Surprise Him: So often when we think of Valentines Day we think of the man wooing the woman. This doesn’t have to be the case. Cook him dinner. Plan a night out or just buy him something you know he will love. He will be floored that you made the day about him too.  Just make sure he has a hit of it so you don’t overlap your plans.

    If you are in love with yourself

    Pamper Yourself: Send flowers to your place of work. Make them from a secret admirer. That way no one needs to know that they came from you. And you do admirer yourself so you’re not lying.  You can also take a nice, long bubble bath. Grab yourself a glass of wine and a good book and soak for hours. Splurge for a mani-pedi or just curl up on the couch with a movie marathon of your favorite Hollywood crush. Pretend that you are his leading lady. Whatever you choose, make it great. You have no one to please on this day but you.

    Night On The Town: Have other single girlfriends? Get all dolled up and go out on the town. You may just meet someone to spend your next V-day with.

    Find Something to Love: Want to get in shape? Take a yoga class. Learn to cook? Buy a cookbook or take a class. Or you could use today spreading the love by volunteering. After all, everyone could use a little good vibes. Valentines day is a celebration of love in general.

    Show Some Love: If you love spending time with kids, offer to babysit so that your friends or relatives can go out on a romantic date. After all, they probably haven’t been on one in quite awhile and they deserve it.

    So whether you are loving someone or loving yourself on February 14th, there are plenty of ideas to please everyone.  No excuses that you have nothing to do or reasons to wallow. Get out there and celebrate this wonderful thing called LOVE. 


    Client Experience

    Jamie Centner of New Orleans Moms Blog recently visited Waxing the City. No suprise, she loved it! From the wax we use to our no tipping policy, we floored her. Read more about her experience and why she says she will never go to another studio here:


    Kids and Pets-New Policy

    Anyone with young kids knows how difficult it is to fit the multitude of must-dos, hurry ups, can’t waits, and right nows throughout the day!  Fitting in YOU time is not easy and sometimes the two worlds – the mommy world and the “me world” - collide.


    We at Waxing the City get it.  Our goal, in addition to providing you with the best waxing experience EVER, is to accommodate our clients.  In the past we have tried to be flexible and have let Moms bring their babies and small children into the studios with them during their appointment.  However, we are changing our policy on this topic….not that we don’t love kids, but our flexibility and grey area in handling children in the studios has led to numerous situations that we feel prohibit us from reaching our goal…..providing all of our clients the best waxing experience EVER!


    Please consider:

    1)     Waxing is both an art and a science and our technicians need to be able to concentrate.  Crying and screaming children make this very difficult and at times impossible.

    2)     There are safety issues to consider: hot wax, sharp instruments and young kids don’t mix.  We have actually had mirrors pulled off walls, and children playing in wax during Mom’s appointment!

    3)     Our salons aren’t sound proof…crying and screaming is heard throughout the studio and is keeping other clients from receiving outstanding waxing service.  On numerous occasions we have had 45 minutes of non-stop screaming heard throughout our studios.

    4)     Waxing services are intimate: it is not uncommon to have 3 and 4 year olds asking Mom during her service about her Brazilian wax!

    5)     Leaving children in waiting area unattended creates a very difficult situation for our front desk staff.  We discourage this activity.



    • WTC will no longer allow children in treatment rooms, we have always had a policy of not allowing additional people in treatment rooms but we are expanding this to include children of all ages.
    •  This policy also includes “furry” children.  Please no pets in the studios. Exception: service animals


    Thank you in advance for your understanding.  We realize this change in our policy may create changes in your routines and extra work on your part, however we need to provide all of our clients with the most comfortable environment as possible.  We would rather reschedule your appointment than have all parties considered stressed out and unhappy.



    Cure your Cold Weather Woes  

    Summer is sadly over and the weather is getting colder and crisper. Great things come with colder weather but unfortunately, so do skin woes. Flaky, itchy, pale skin, frizzy hair... yeah, you all know what I’m talking about. The winter weather is stealing your supple summer skin and hair - so it’s time to regain control! We bundle up in cold weather, but our skin needs a little more TLC. We want you to enjoy these colder months without the woes to bring you down, so don’t fret because we compiled a list of some common complaints and ways to cure them. 

    Pale skin: In the winter, we are not outside as much and therefore not getting as much Vitamin D. This can sometimes lead to a Vitamin D deficiency, causing depression.  One way to fight this is by taking a Vitamin D supplement.  Also, if you are just looking for a plain skin pick me up, try a sunless spray tan or even a simple bronzer.

    Hairy legs that rub on your leggings or tights: This one is simple to fix. Get a wax. The colder weather months are a perfect time to start a regular waxing routine. You are not in shorts or a swimsuit frequently so you are able to grow out to that desired 1/4 inch. Plus, it will leave hair thinner and lighter for summer and thus, easier to wax. 

    Dry, irritated legs: The best thing for dry legs is to use a good moisturizing body wash such as Dove Go Fresh with Nutrium Moisture instead of soap. Once you are finished showering, don’t towel off. Just pat yourself dry and use a heavy moisturizer. The dampness of your skin and the steam created from your shower will allow for the moisture to absorb easier. If you are extra dry and scaly, mix two cups of whole milk in a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. Once your twenty minutes are up, grab a good loofa and exfoliate.

    Less moisture in the body: A great way to take care of this is to increase the amount of liquid you are getting in general. Drink more water and eat more foods that are high in water content such as watermelon. Also, start eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and the newly popular chia seeds. These can help increase moisture from the inside out.

    Dry hands and cracked cuticles: The weather is changing and so is your body. Make sure to use a heavier moisturizer on your face and on your body. You are also more prone to the flu and catching colds this time of year so make sure to wash your hands constantly. (This is a good practice to get into in general, regardless of the time of year). Make sure to always use a heavy hand cream after washing your hands and a cuticle oil whenever possible. This will help to elevate the cracks in your skin and cuticles. Before bed, put a heavy moisturizer or Vaseline on your hands and feet and then sleep in gloves and socks. You will wake with amazingly soft and moisturized hands and feet.

    Hair: Like the rest of your body, your hair looses moisture in the winter. Make sure to use a good deep conditioner after your shower and wrap it in a warm towel. Leave this on for 20 minutes and your hair will be silky and smooth. Also, try not to blow dry as much, the drier air causes your hair to have more static and the blow drying adds to this.

    Face: In the winter, your face gets a beating from the colder air and wind. Avoid retinol and glycolic acid and instead use a cream with Shea butter. Don’t chemically exfoliate. A basic exfoliating once or twice a week with a washcloth will do the trick. If your face is really dry, a good face mask made of whole milk and honey will get your face lush in about 20 minutes.

    So everyone, we have given you some great tips on how to combat your colder weather woes. What are your winter beauty tips?