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    Male Waxing Trends - Say what? 

    Ever since the infamous article in the Daily Mail quoting P. Diddy, the idea of “manscaping” has become quite the topic of conversation! Waxing, a procedure commonly reserved for individuals carrying two X-chromosomes, is exploding with popularity among their male counterparts, despite the (perfectly trimmed) raised eyebrows. 

    The reasons are clear: everybody knows that if “you trim the bushes the house looks bigger”…. Haha kidding! But seriously though, it’s simple, men don’t like hair either. You feel much cleaner and smoother with waxing, which can be appealing to our male cliental. After years of being told women are the queens of grooming, men too are coming around to the idea that a well-manicured and smooth body is well worth the time.

    So what’s the deal with the male “boyzilian” anyway? Contrary to popular belief, this trend has overcome the stereotypes for being purely a “metro-sexual” male habit and actually encompasses men from across all age groups, backgrounds and sexual orientations. 

    It’s not to say that a good amount of guys aren’t getting this procedure done because of pressure from their women; but aside from competitive swimmers and underwear models, we’d be lying if we said that was the only reason swarms of guys are requesting this below the belt treatment. Men, too, like the feeling of being hair free. We’ve found it has become somewhat of a Saturday afternoon tradition for many of our couples. Wake up, get breakfast, get a wax and go out for some beers. 

    Well then, what exactly is going on down there, you ask? Simply put, anything and everything. Male waxing is just like it sounds, the removal of hair from your legs, armpits, stomachs and further south -- nothing out of the ordinary. For our guy Brazilians, everything from the bottom of the belly button to the crease in the leg gets removed. Most people think that the scrotum is not wax-able, but with hard wax, like the stuff we use, it’s possible and something we do on every client. We also include the inner part of the buttocks.  Viola; he has just received his first boyzilian. No bleaching or “pejazzling” takes place at WTC, although those are other procedures starting to make leaps in the male beauty world.

    So whether you like it not (but I mean, come on, how could you not like it) the Boyzilian, Brozilian, Ultimate He-Wax, or whatever you’d like to call it is here to stay -- and we couldn’t be happier. 

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      Male Waxing Trends - Say what? - Hair Removal Experts - The Waxing Blog: Smooth talk from Waxing the City | Waxing Tips for Men and Women
    • Response
      Male Waxing Trends - Say what? - Hair Removal Experts - The Waxing Blog: Smooth talk from Waxing the City | Waxing Tips for Men and Women

    Reader Comments (1)

    This is cool to see WTC now doing this. I love my boyfriend to be clear of hair when I go exploring and have been helping him shave but it is a pain and waxing makes so much more sense. I intend to send him over to you for a boyzillian in the very near future and then reward him for going! Thanks so much. Polly

    May 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPolly McKenzie

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