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    Waxing Q&A: Waxing While Pregnant

    Q: Help! I’m pregnant and it’s been a while since I’ve really been able to look down there! I love the clean feeling you get when waxed, but I’m not sure if/what the differences are when pregnant? Is it still safe to do when pregnant? How should I prepare for my wax now that I’m pregnant? How many months in can you getting waxed while pregnant or is there a cut-off? Thanks for your help! 

    ~ Hairy Momma-to-be 



    Yes, waxing while pregnant is definitely do-able and safe!! Actually, one huge pro to waxing while pregnant is that, since you can’t really see what’s going on down there, instead of handing a razor over to your husband (or other close friend), you can leave the dirty work to a professional. One thing you might notice your first time getting waxed while pregnant is that the once normal and somewhat relaxing waxing session has now turned into a slightly more painful service. This is natural however with the additional blood flow to that area due to pregnancy, and much like the rest of the body, the later months of your pregnancy will cause the vagina to swell. Again, although this might cause more discomfort than usual, there is no harm done when waxing. 

    It is also important to note that because during pregnancy your hormones tend to be a little out of whack, don’t be surprised if your once well-behaved hair that used to pull out perfectly is now holding on for dear life on your bikini line. Breakage and ingrown hairs are not uncommon when pregnant, even if you’ve never had those problems before. Pregnancy allows for all kinds of changes to your body and hair growth/removal is no exception. 

    All in all, pregnancy differences behind, we do our best to make sure our pregnant clients are as comfortable as possible during the visit. This includes modifying the techniques we use to get all those pesky little hairs out.  

    Once you get to month six and up, we use a prop pillow to keep you sitting up vs. lying on your back. Due to positioning in these later months, your wax may not be as “clean”, and at that point you may be sitting on areas that we can’t get to. Clients who choose to get a Brazilian will be asked to lay on their side when waxing their backside, as laying on your tummy becomes too uncomfortable as your little bundle of joy grows. 

    We also don’t use the Tend Skin on our pregnant clients, since it is not tested on pregnant women and we recommend during this time you don’t use it at home. If you would like to continue using it, we highly recommend you consult your doctor beforehand.  

    Of course, as with most things, if you have had any prior complications with your pregnancies or have any weird in-depth questions, I would always recommend that you consult with your doctor before making your waxing appointment. 


    - Alex 

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    What a great question and even greater answer! I've often wondered this for future reference when I'm pregnant and it's good to know of my options before hand, as well as and the science/chemistry behind the causes of pain and techniques for waxing during pregnancy. Reinforces why I love going to you guys for waxing needs.

    July 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWickedCurls

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