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    Welcome to The Waxing Blog: Smooth Talk from Waxing the City. If you want to know more about waxing and skin care for men and women, you're in the right place. Alex Jimenez and Summer Hartshorn — two of Waxing the City's premier CEROLOGIST™ Technicians — answer your questions about waxing. There's no such thing as a dumb question. At Waxing the City, we strive to make you as comfortable online as we do at any of our four locations.


    5280 Magazine's "Top of the Town" Awards - Vote for Waxing The City!

    Hey Waxing fans! We need your help!!!

    The deadline for 5280 magazine’s “Top of the Town” awards is March 18th and we would love your vote for Best Eyebrow Wax in Town!
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    5280 Mag 2011

    Thanks to all of our amazing clients for being so loyal and so supportive of Waxing the City! We couldn't have achieved all that we have without you! We truly appreciate you all!


    Meet Our February Waxing All-Star: Brenna Parker

    It’s time once again for our favorite part of our monthly newsletters…introducing you all to our February Waxing All-Star!
    We’re excited to announce that the Waxing All-Star for this month is  Brenna Parker from our Boulder salon! You can learn all about  Brenna and her waxing expertise by playing the video below!



    Facial Waxing

    Unwanted facial hair can be an annoying issue for both men and women. Look, the fact is: everyone has facial hair to one degree or another. Getting rid of it when you don’t want it is a hassle at best, an embarrassing problem at worse.
    And, let’s be real: for women it’s probably more than just annoying, It can be down right embarrassing and maybe even a source of great emotional distress. No woman wants to have a mustache on her face for the whole world to snicker about…isn’t there a special spot in the circus reserved for bearded ladies? And, even for men who prefer a clean-shaven look there is the struggle of coping with the negative side  (and inconvenience) of shaving.
    At Waxing the City we do a lot of facial waxing for both men and women to great success. We have a lot of very happy customers! Perhaps you’ve wondered what a facial wax is like, perhaps you have considered coming in but are a bit bashful and reticent. Well, we’re here to help and answer some of your questions:
    What Women Need To Know About Facial Hair Waxing

    • Facial waxing is good for your skin: Not only does it remove unwanted facial hair, but it also removes the top layer of dead skin cells on your face, making your face look brighter and more radiant.
    • It improves the appearance of your makeup: A big reason why many women hate their facial hair is because the texture and fuzziness of the hairs show up when foundation, bronzer or blush is applied to the face. By removing unwanted facial hair, women are able to apply makeup to a smooth silky skin without any “peach fuzz” getting in the way.
    • The myths are just that...MYTHS: Many women are hesitant to wax their facial hair because they’ve fallen for the old myth that their hair will grow back thicker and darker. Luckily, this is just a myth! It’s simply not true! (Actually it is just the opposite!) You can read our blog, “Breaking Those Pesky Waxing Myths” for more details about this topic.


    What Men Need To Know About Facial Hair Waxing

    • Get that manly brow! Many men avoid the salon for cleaning up an unruly unibrow because they are worried that brow shaping will look feminine. We’ve even heard of some men taking a razor to their brows. But, guys, this is only making matters worse and can create the strange square appearance that not only looks goofy but also doesn't last as long as a wax. But, with the right technician, we can make your brows look groomed and still masculine.
    • Back of the Neck:We women like a well-groomed man, and that includes taming those stray hairs on the back of the neck. Getting the back of the neck trimmed at the barber may clean it up, but it may not last until your next haircut. We consider this type of waxing facial waxing and it is a quick, easy and virtually painless way to stay groomed longer.
    • Nose and Ears: I am sure you all know men with no hair on their head but oddly they seem to have wacky crazy hair coming out of their ears and nose in all sorts of directions. Do you want to be that guy? Is your boyfriend that guy? I hope not! Ears and nose waxing is surprisingly fast and easy! While pulling one hair out of your nose may make you cry, waxing them all is actually a very pleasant experience. We have many guys try it once and get addicted!    

    Here is a special deal for our male readers: if you have never had your nose waxed, and you are new to Waxing the City, we will give the first 10 men who email us at a free nose wax! Try it out guys- you will love it!




    And The Winner Is...

    We want to thank all of you who participated in our Ad Slogan Submissions contest on our Facebook fan page. We had a blast reading all of the slogans you submitted; we always knew our Waxing The City fans were creative and hysterically funny!
    You were so creative and funny that you all made it very difficult for us to choose just one winner with your amazing ad slogan ideas. But, we have finally reached a decision on the winner. Here are the top five for your enjoyment:

    #5 Easter: “Bunny fur? Cute. Girly fur? Not so much!” – Heather Munro Marshall
    #4 Valentines Day:  “Love is blind but even it will see that your rose came with the whole bush!” – Nick Hansen
    #3 Mother’s Day: “Give yourself a “Mommy Makeover”….Rip out the carpet, in exchange for Daddy’s hardwood!” – Robbie Nichols
    #2 St Patricks Day: “Don’t let your “clover” run all over!” – Jacque Niesent
    And the winner is...drum roll please...

    #1 Springbreak: Gotta tame your turf, before you go out to surf! – Michelle Sena Kelley


    January Waxing All-Star: Amber Rodri

    Here at Waxing The City, we take a lot of pride in our highly trained staff! Because we love our employees so much and because we know that our clients don't get the opportunity to meet every one of our staff members, we've decided to introduce you all to some of our Waxing All-Stars, individually, through these short video interviews! These videos will give us a chance to show off our top-of-the-line staff members and it gives all of our clients a chance to get to know our WTC family better!! Everybody wins!

    SO, without further ado, we would like to introduce you all to our January Waxing All-Star, Amber Rodri! We know you'll love her as much as we do!