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    Welcome to The Waxing Blog: Smooth Talk from Waxing the City. If you want to know more about waxing and skin care for men and women, you're in the right place. Alex Jimenez and Summer Hartshorn — two of Waxing the City's premier CEROLOGIST™ Technicians — answer your questions about waxing. There's no such thing as a dumb question. At Waxing the City, we strive to make you as comfortable online as we do at any of our four locations.


    Cupids Undie Run is coming up Feb. 9! 

    We’re proud to announce that we are once again sponsoring the Cupid’s Undie Run in Denver on Feb. 9! This 1-mile-ish jog asks you to bare it all for a great cause and we will be doing the infamous ‘Tip for a Rip’ segment again this year to help raise money! We’ve also expanded our sponsorship to include the Minneapolis event this year as well!  For our Texas readers the closest Cupid Undie Run is in Austin.  We hope to see Dallas host this event next year…if so, we will be there with bells on!!!

    So come out, bare it all and join the festivities after! You can register for the event here! Also, Waxing the City will be donating an additional $10 per person for any registered runners receiving a waxing service between now and Feb 9.   So make sure to get waxed before you bare your body for the run! Not sure what to expect? Check out our video from last year:



    Waxing the City January All-Star

    Meet Talia Wilson from our LoDo and Boulder Salons. We sat down with Talia to discuss some of her favorite things:


    Waxing the City’s 2013 Predictions

    Hello Waxinestas! Waxing the City here and we’ve got the low-down on all the trends, hype and not-so-fab fads that will be fading in 2013. While we patiently await the snow to melt and the green nubs of life to start sprouting, it’s time to reminisce on our smooth summer bodies and plan ahead for what is to come. 

    Last year was filled with everything from, (ah-hmmm), pejazzled lower regions to colorful fluffs of hair and feathers; even our youngest siblings stopped by the salon for to get their first eyebrow wax.  Our hardcore boyfriends and husbands took that leap into the wonderful world of waxing after the spotlight was put on waxing by notorious celebrities (P. Diddy) and movies, such as Magic Mike.

    While we were happy to see the trend of waxing take center stage, our predictions for this year have matured. This year, we expect waxing to take on a more experienced and established vibe. Those who wax know what they want and aren’t afraid to take risks. Take a look below at the trends and fads we predict will enter the main stage… while some will quietly curtsy off to stage right.

    1. Manscaping is HUGE

    Who knew that once we let our fellas close to the salon, we’d never get them back? A recent article in Cosmopolitan magazine showed an increasing number of men are manscaping to keep the hairiness away, and we’re not just talking about nostril hair.

    Guys these days aren't worried that a little maintenance will make them seem less masculine, but quite the opposite. It has been expressed time and time again that men are just as particular when it comes to their body maintenance.  According to a recent survey, 32 percent of men have turned to shaving, tweezing and waxing to keep their bushes in check. Another 10 percent copped to waxing their rears, while 29 percent admitted they’re fans of tweezing and waxing their eyebrows. Only a mere 28.8 percent of men say they preferred the natural look and didn't wax anything at all! It goes to show ladies that if you ask, you shall receive. So this year, we’re expecting even higher numbers of guys coming into the salon to wax just about everything (and yes, we mean the Brazilian). So pick a date, grab your guy and try some couple waxing this year for a sure to please bonding-sesh.

    2. Those “down-there” fads are fading fast

    All right so we’ll admit it, we were kind of intrigued by the vejazzling and the out of this world bikini shapes. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Just like Jennifer Love Hewitt said in her infamous interview, it’s empowering! Bikini shapes allowed you to show your personal style, while also dressing up your ‘downtown’ for each and every season. Some salons even went as far as to offer their clients faux-fur and feathers to replace their hair. But just as fads typically fade, this season don’t expect to see a lot of colorful and sparkling below-the-belt artwork. Of course, that is not to say these fads will completely fall flat, but one of the main reasons we steer clear of fads at Waxing the City is because we know that the likelihood of this sticking around for the long run isn’t likely. So for those of you who were never really too keen on the idea of replacing your hair with more um… hair; don't worry, these less-than-fab fads are sure to fizzle out in 2013.

    3. Brazilians are BIG, BARE and taking the lead

    One thing that is sure to stay all year long is the Brazilian wax. A wax so popular it has made its mark all over the world from its humble roots in Brazil. This type of wax has become so popular; people are clawing their way into salons to get this bare-down-there look. We’ve even noticed at Waxing the City, that a majority of our clients no longer seek the typical shapes (landing strip or triangle) most associated with the bikini wax, but instead are taking it a step further and going for the bare-all Brazilian. And like we mentioned above, it's not just the ladies begging for this wax, guys too are asking for Brazilians. So much so, the wax has caused a bit of controversy from some medical professors. Fear not however, a reputable salon (like Waxing the City), where precautions and cleanliness are a priority, you’ll have nothing to fear.

    4. The full nature eyebrow look is back and ready for action 

    Forget painted on eyebrows and anything in between. This year, focus one of your best assets (your eyes) on bringing out your natural qualities. The best way to accentuate your face is to keep your eyebrows evenly proportioned and define your arch. Not to say you shouldn't use eyebrow pencils, but don't go crazy. Match the pencil to your natural color, and use your facial features to define your eyebrow. Over-waxing of the eyebrow is a BIG no-no this year, and your face will pay the consequences. Bold eyebrows are beautiful and a big trend this year. But don’t get carried away, there is a fine line between a natural arch and bushy eyebrows so big you might mistake your face for a caterpillar garden.

    Well you have it folks, these are our top four predictions for 2013. What do you think? Do you agree with these or could you add a couple more to the list? Shout out your predictions in the comments below! And as always, Happy Waxing! 


    Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants: Wax On, Wax Off

    We've started expanding our Waxing the City locations, and recently we've opened a salon up north in Woodbury, MN. We're excited to show the rest of the country our dedication to making your waxing experience the BEST ever. Check out this story on Heidi's mommy blog about her recent experience there:

    Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants: Wax On, Wax Off

    Live in Minnesota or new to the area? Stop on by and give our salon a try! Do you have a question about our services, just ask! We're more than happy to respond to any questions!

    Happy Waxing! 


    WTC- Woodbury Coupon

    Do you have any friends or family living in the Minneapolis, MN area? Our newest salon just opened there and we're extending this offer for anyone interested in stopping by! Share with your family and friends! And don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook and help spread the word! 

    Waxing the City Woodbury - FB Page


    Just print this coupon when you go in for your appointment or show it on your phone! 

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