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    Recently Waxing the City was featured in an article in the Denver Post about a new and getting hotter trend: manscaping. It is a fact that more and more men are making waxing part of their personal grooming regime.

    From waxing the back, chest, brows to full-on Brazilians, the guys are lining up at the door.

    Check out what Doug Brown, Denver Post, had to say regarding the new trend!

    AND guys- if you don't get waxed now, give it a go at Waxing the City! Waxing the City’s discreet and professional cerologists and staff are here to answer all questions. If you’re a man – or if your husband, boyfriend, significant other, best friend – needs a bit of waxing advice and know-how, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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    Waxing Q&A: Men's Corner 

    As a male cyclist I’ve noticed other guys with what look to me like hair-free legs. Are they getting waxed? Why do cyclists wax their legs? Does it make them go faster?

    Plenty of men – especially athletes like yourself – get waxed. I don’t know if it actually makes you go faster (not sure if anyone has ever proven that), but I will tell you this: just about every cyclist I know takes a bad spill now and again. Road rash is not pleasant.

    You will lose more skin if you have hairy legs because the asphalt has more to grab on to. OUCH! Also, think of pulling off a bandage that has hair attached to it. Doesn’t feel good, does it? (Unless, of course, you see a trained Waxing the City cerologist who knows what she’s doing :) !) If you do have an accident, your road rash will heal faster and have a lesser chance for infection if your legs are free of hair.

    Also everyone is doing it! Why not show off those hard-earned, beautifully sculpted legs?!


    Waxing the City- Boulder